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Case Manager

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The Case Manager operates as a member of the multidisciplinary treatment team by working closely with clinical, medical, and nursing staff. The Case Manager assists in identifying and developing individualized treatment and service plans for patients. The Case Manager is responsible for helping patients and families to identify all needs during and following inpatient treatment and securing a comprehensive continuing care plan to address all identified needs.This includes completing any paperwork that may assist the patient in remaining in treatment (such as FMLA paperwork). Additionally, the Case Manager is responsible to ensure all consents for collateral contacts (5 points of contact) are secured and contacted in order to engage in the patient’s treatment as indicated.The Case Manager is also responsible for managing all referral source relationships for patients on their case load by following Referent Protocols and coordinating care.


·Actively participate in the development and assessment of individual treatment and service plans

·Implement case management services in accordance with the individualized treatment plan beginning with obtaining consent for 5 points of contact and coordinating care with all collateral contacts for whom there is consent.

·Assist in identifying basic needs that must be addressed while in treatment including housing, physical health, abuse, death, financial issues, unemployment, parenting, etc., and seek out necessary resources to address identified needs.

·Ensure patient and family understand the importance of 12 step integration into Recovery Plan and develop plan post treatment for patient to continue 12 step practices.

·Collaborate and communicate with the patient, family, significant others, identified support systems, community providers, referral sources, and Business Development Officers about the clinical treatment plan including available options for ongoing treatment.

·Articulate a thorough explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of all available resources and services for ongoing treatment programs to patient, referent, families, and other stakeholders in patient treatment.

·Document regularly in the medical record ongoing progress towards case management treatment goals.

·Act as an advocate for all patients when working with external providers and speaking on their behalf

·Work collectively with the clinical team to engage, educate, and coordinate patient care with the patient, their identified supports, and community providers to ensure all services prescribed are implemented prior to treatment completion.This especially includes engagement in 12 step activities such as meeting participation, obtaining a sponsor, and setting up a plan to attend meetings post discharge.


·Minimum of one (1) year experience in Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Treatment, or Psychiatric setting

·Knowledge of healthcare, detoxification process, addiction and co-occurring disorders, DSM and ASAM criteria, and terminology surrounding all of the above

·Ability to speak clearly and persuasively in both positive and negative situations; listen and obtain clarification when necessary; respond well to questions; demonstrate group presentation skills and actively participate in team meetings

·Working knowledge of Microsoft Programs (Word, Excel, and Outlook)

Education & Experience

·Bachelor’s Degree in a social work field or equivalent combination of education, training, and/or experience



Job Location: RCA at Indianapolis – 8530 Township Line Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46260