Be a beacon of hope.


To combat the opioid (and addiction in general) epidemic sweeping the United States, Recovery Centers of America has responded with vigorous expansion to adapt to the growing demand for quality addiction treatment. We’re broadening our addiction treatment services to new locations, consistently adding more facilities, expanding existing ones and hiring additional employees to help accommodate the needs of our patients at these facilities. We’ve chosen to open our newest facility in Indianapolis, IN in response to the state’s alarming rise in drug-related deaths. In 2018 alone, Indiana reported over 1,700 unintentional drug overdose deaths, and our mission is to help treat and prevent this crisis from worsening not only in the state of Indiana, but all over the country.

After acquiring a property 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, while also suitable for outdoor healing retreats due to its proximity to Eagle Creek Park and Fort Harrison State Park, Recovery Centers of America is undertaking a massive renovation effort to turn our newest property into a cutting edge addiction treatment facility. RCA at Indianapolis officially opens its doors in November 2020, providing the residents of Indiana a unique neighborhood-based treatment model founded on the latest scientific research.

Due to RCA’s rapid growth, new opportunities and roles continuously become available for prospective job seekers who embrace RCA’s core values of professionalism and compassion for others. Another core value of ours is every RCA employee will have the chance to develop and advance in their career. Regardless of which position or facility, when it comes to career growth, the sky is always the limit at RCA. We believe your career path is entirely up to you. Employees who demonstrate ability and dedication have been consistently promoted to positions of increasing responsibility, which include the opportunity to join existing RCA sites all over the country, and to begin management positions at new RCA facilities as we continue to expand.


Daily achievements contribute to our ultimate mission: To save 1 million lives.

In Indiana, the opioid epidemic continues. Deaths that involved synthetic opioids other than methadone (including fentanyl and fentanyl analogs) continued to rise with more than 67,000 overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2018, and over 1,100 in Indiana. Too many families continue to suffer and lose loved ones to the disease of addiction.

That’s where RCA at Indianapolis comes in. We’re on a mission to save a million lives from addiction by offering affordable and accessible treatment through our approach of working tirelessly to make sure that we’re in-network with most private insurances within our service areas. Our goal is to make the highest quality addiction treatment available to everyone, no matter your situation. We have an unrelenting passion for what we do and we’re looking for others who share that passion, because if you love what you do every day it isn’t a job, it’s a calling.

Take it from us, a career in addiction recovery at RCA is meaningful, inspiring, and rewarding. It’s much more than a typical 9-5 job, it’s the kind of job you learn to love more and more every day. If you’re motivated by a career in saving lives and want to grow together with Recovery Centers of America, we would love to have you join the RCA Indianapolis family!


I honestly love working at RCA. The management work just as hard if not harder than they expect their staff to. The staff are all eager to help each other succeed and grow. There is a ton of room for advancement through the company and I honestly would love to retire at RCA.” – Recovery Support Specialist

With the growing opioid epidemic in my Community, I noticed RCA was on the forefront of making change. Immediately I knew that I wanted to be a part of THAT change!” – Clinical Director

Initially, I came to RCA just for a job to supplement my income after retiring. After arriving, I saw that it is an organization that really looks to help people with serious problems. I was then drawn to how caring, dedicated and supportive staff were of the patients. This is why I stay the course.”  – Administrative Assistant